Sunday, April 4, 2010

El Regreso

Why couldn’t I just keep up with this thing? Maybe the spotty internet service over the rainy season, maybe the massive amount of changes to our routine and life in general, or maybe I was just being lazy and making excuses.. Six months later I’ve decided to recommit to documenting the experience of living in Mayto, and creating “Rancho Sol Y Mar” with Liz, Dan and Holly.

So much has changed I couldn’t possibly re-hash the events since my last entry, and indeed I think part of my downfall during “round one” was trying to cram every little detail into blog entries. This time around I’ll be going for snapshots of life here: the way we deal with water, what’s up with the goats?, how’s the garden?, etc.... Hopefully with time and consistent entries, a more cohesive picture of life on the ranch will emerge than if I were trying to write a short novel every time I sat down.

For the the quick and dirty of what you’ve missed: suffice it to say we’ve added a dog, a horse, twenty-four goats, fourteen chickens, an adobe building, a lot of roads, a lot of fences, a new car and a completely new perspective to the picture. In the last six months, we’ve really settled into life here. We’ve become a part of the community. We have a number of friends here with whom we share dinners, we teach an English class once a week to a group of teenagers, we hang out and cheer for Mayto at the soccer games. We are no longer feeling like visitors in a strange and overwhelming place, but rather members of this great little community where life is simple, pure and satisfying.

Lots of hard work and an open attitude have served us well thus far. Getting to know Dan and Holly over this Winter has also improved our situation beyond explanation. We are continually learning more and more about Mexico, how to live here and work towards a self-sufficient life. From here on out I’m hoping to dedicate this blog to creating a window into a sustainable-living adventure on Mexico’s Pacific Coast: Rancho Sol Y Mar.

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  1. BLOGGAH PLZ!! Tiiight. Keep it going. I just canned my ish... too much to maintain on such a short trip. Riley & Liz - hypothetical situation... say you have a friend who loves you both to death and REALLY wants to visit... but doesnt wanna settle for some quick 4 day vacation. and say he knows a little about adobe construction, grew up on a farm with donkeys, goats, horses, chickens, etc, and wanted to party with yall for say a month.... would said hypothetical friend be able to obtain `work` on the ranch, mas o menos, to help make this possible?? and... if so... would a month be infringing???

    abrazos y besos. suerte, salud, y vida.