Saturday, May 1, 2010


Cajeta is a delicious Mexican caramel, a real treat. Made with goat milk, sugar, honey or cinnamon, baking soda and wee spot of rum Cajeta is delicious drizzled over ice cream, pancakes, fried bananas, or just about anything else. It is also popular to make it into hard candies

Forutnately, here on the ranch we have our own supply of fresh, homemade cajeta thanks to Lizzie. We milk the goats who are new mothers and Liz pasteurizes the milk to be made into cajeta. She uses locally produced honey from El Tuito, organic sugar and vanilla, Mexican canela (cinnamon) and just the right proportion of rum. Once jarred the cajeta makes great gifts to our friends and we're gearing up to sell it through a few different stores in the area. Many people have inquired about buying some once they tried it. Just look for the "Se Vende Cajeta" sign near the beach at Rancho Sol y Mar. You can also get snowcones in Mayto with our cajeta as a a choice of topping.

This could be the beginning of "Cocina Sol Y Mar" a division of Rancho Sol Y Mar. Canned jams and salsas on the horizon? Artisan Goat Cheese? We'll keep you posted...

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  1. I milk my own goats & have begun making cajeta. Do you have a recipe that uses only honey in place of the sugar? Also, taking the cajeta up to about 220 degrees more than pasteurized the milk, which is accomplished at 180 degrees. May be able to use the raw milk to keep from cooking it twice.